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Word search

Can you take on the challenge and find all the words in these Karate themed word searches?

There are 3 to choose from. When you find a word, also take a note of what it means in English. You can find all of the translations in the "Ryukyukan Terminology" file below.

Kihon Waza (Basic Technique)

Kata (Pattern)

Dachi (Stances)


Use your Karate knowledge, and the help of the information on the website and below in the "Syllabus" file, to complete the crossword and further your understanding of Karate and its rich history.

Ryukyukan Trivia

Colouring In

You can be as creative as you want to be here. Do you want to keep the Ryukyukan badge the same, or change it completely? Bring your finished designs into the Dojo and we'll put them up on the notice board!

Ryukyukan Badge

Full Contact Kumite

Kanji Practice

Put your handwriting skills to the test and try to master the Kanji that reads the name of our organisation, style of Karate and martial art. Practise as many times as you like until you have perfected this skill & can do it off by heart!

Ryukyukan Shorinryu Karatedo

Ryukyukan Terminology

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